Saturday, August 22, 2020

In the studio shop Late Summer 2020

Large Tiles Vase with Flowers & Three Nightime Flowers

priced at $2 / Sq. Inch.  One foot ruler below Image above.

1, 2, 3 Flowers    $60.   $50.  $55 


Back Row Elephants, Flowers in Vase, Fish Swimming, Sky design
Middle Row Green Man, Round Elephants
Front Row Fruit, Black Pine, Kingfisher, Owls
Priced at @ $2 / Sq Inch (one foot ruler in front) 

Starburst 1. Starburst 2  @ $100 each

Two and a Half Crows 15" X 9.5"  $285

Arched Design, Girl Power, Fish, Tree Moon 
Priced by 2" / Sq Inch (Fish $80)

Yard Totems, I have 4 right now at28" height $200 each

Design Board All Elements, $400
21" X 21" 

$55 each strip.  6" X 2"

Strips are 2" wide $80 each

Above Freeform  Large Table Decor Trivets Flowers and Moon $380 & 2Birds $425

Two Crows Large 11 1/2" X 13 " $300

Cracked Crow Extra Large $300

small Dogs $55

Necklaces $30

Face 4" X 5.5" $40

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

In the shop December

3 Flowers in vase large

medium sized...Finding Night

Flora Tomorrow  Medium sized

Orange Flower Medium

Starlit by the Sea medium

extra large table centerpiece decor platform trivet... Moongarden

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Fly Fishing For Muskie

A new gallery for me, The Bell Gallery on Madeline Island!

To the Moon and Back at the Phipps this summer, 

several tiles there and in Hudson Hospital and Croixdale Clinic also.
Here are a few recent tiles and I am busy working on more, large and small tiles.
Thought I'd add a bit of my poetry!

Muskie Caught on a Fly

Epiphany icon
Image burned, 
Etched like film negative
Into experiential archive.

Am I as frightening a possibility
Through her glassy eyes?
Does she awake mid sleep to dream of me?
Do I cause her to awake midnight
As she wakes me?
This fine finned fishy,
This scaly gargoyle,

This fiendish friendMirrors the dramas and traumas
That suddenly spring forth
From the depths of time.
Like creatures rupturing reality
In the length of life.
The River of Now.

We fishers in the river of life.
What lurks below surface, 
Threatening mortality,
Enough to induce invention
Of a plethora of weapons.

A fisherman’s dream come true.
A candy store of fishy wishing.

Relish this joyful nightmare
The powerful writhing,
The symphonic crescendo,
The magnificent ballet.

You terrible beauty,
You thrashing maiden,
You Buddhist tanka monster myth,
You vivid thrill.
Epochal as birth.

Luck is a good thing to have.
A geode broken open.

Thursday, May 2, 2019


New Tiles, another kiln full.  Some turn out well, I like this STARBURST.  Some look rougher and I don't love them so much.  It is like snapping a roll of film, some are good, some, oh well....

I find I love the really small ones like the BUTTERFLY below.  But the small ones are much more difficult to make clear and to fill the tiny spaces and places with glaze.  So I charge more per sq. inch for small ones.  I like a collection of small ones

New  installation in   kitchen with Chippewa River Scene below windows 
and Massagua Rattlesnake above!
B A C K S P L A S H 

FISHES Table Decor Trivet / Hotplate...these can be split apart for large cookie sheet size, great for dining table.  Set cost $220

.  Tried to make a similar tile and it came out much less satisfying....