Monday, September 13, 2010

kitchen backsplash

 Backsplash installed into a Red Wing, MN, Arts and Crafts home.
Installed Hudson, WI backsplash

This is an interview with the owner of the Red Wing kitchen

Q. How did it come about that you chose handmade tiles for your kitchen?

A. I did a lot of looking around in the Twin Cities at tile shops, and looking for what might be a good fit. I have an Arts and Craft house and I liked the idea of a focus backsplash to fit that style.

Q. What did you expect out of a backsplash made of handmade tiles?

At first I thought the prices seemed a bit spendy, but then thought, I’m not going to be doing that large a space so it doesn’t seem like too big a deal. A. Well, I didn’t quite know what to expect, but then I happened upon the Handmade Tile Association place (Clay Squared to Infinity) and leafed through the HTA catalogue. They were working there in the back and I could see they could do just about anything I wanted. I thought, that looks like something that’s interesting.

Q. Then you wanted handmade tile?

A. I was inspired. After seeing that and thinking about it some more I decided that maybe I’d have it done like that. I decided I wanted a local scene, woodsy. I thought I didn’t want the contemporary or too modern a look.

Q. How did it work from there?

A. I asked at my local design place (Bella Casa Red Wing) if I could order tiles through them from the (HTA) catalogue and they were the ones who suggested I should find a local artist to work with. They put me onto someone nearby, someone that would work directly with me.
The artist came to my house and we talked about what I wanted, I explained my ideas for an outdoor design and we looked at color and glaze samples. I showed images of what I had seen in the catalogue, what I liked and what I didn’t want also. Afterwards she sent me designs and cost estimates. I found a good local tile installer, who had worked with glass tiles before, and then I decided to go with it.

Q. Did the result meet your expectations?

A. I think it exceeded my expectations!

Q. How did the tile installer feel about working with the handmade tiles.

A. Well, in sizing the tiles he had to set them out and check out the spacing, there is more variation and he needed to take a bit of care for spacing so that grout lines are even. But he was really impressed with the backsplash scene itself, I think he really got a kick out of that and he said he’d tell people about that.

Q. What was the affect of the work on your home?

A. I think it accents the subtlety of the Arts and Crafts style of my home, it helps with that. I think it enhances the whole house a lot. You know, the colors we went with aren’t as dark as the classic Arts and Crafts style, I thought the dark greens and such would have been too dark. I do have an Arts and Crafts house but as I’m getting older, light is important The kitchen is now a focus and you are drawn right to it
I’m going to hang Arts and Crafts styled stained glass to the middle window.

Q. Do you know anyone who collects tile?

A. No, no I don’t, but I am turned on to handmade tiles and it’s got me thinking now about maybe getting some house numbers made for outside the door and on the mailbox. So now I’m thinking about that and what I might do next.

Q. Did the result meet your expectations?

A. I think it exceeded my expectations!

Q. Would you recommend the Handmade Tile association and catalogue to others?

A. Oh sure, I’d recommend it strongly!

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