Friday, January 28, 2011

Tiles for Collector Rosalie

 There are 2 Dreaming Frogs here which I etched the same but colored differently.  There are also 2 gardens, 1 is 6" and one a bit larger and trapezoidal.  I also added one of the 3 flowers you earlier had interest in, Yellow Flower, and a Green Heron which was a fun one to do so now I'm working on a Great Blue Heron..

2. Six Inch Moon Garden in the design of the Large Oval I did before.  The detail is tight, but works.

3.Thistle ala DeMorgan

4. Dreaming frog 1 

4. same frog, sorry I can't seem to move it!  See Dreaming Frog 2 below

5. Crows

6. Blue and WhiteFlowers
on this posting just tile is still available

7. Bloodroot Flower

8. Garden Moontrapezoid shape about 8" at lower edge

9. Yellow Flower

10. Green Heron

11. Dreaming Frog 2, slightly different, colors...

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