Thursday, April 14, 2011

 Working on tiles throughout the early winter months
 was steady, peaceful, beautiful.  Here are a few of the new tiles as well as this year's tenative art fair schedule.           
this page all sold

"Sunflower"- A summer flower with winter colors

First show of the year: The Creative Drive
April 30th and May 1st, the weekend before Mother's Day
I'll be at the Silver Bison Ranch with a festival including music and food, baby bison on green pasture and many artists.

June 18th is Solstice on Grand in Chippewa Falls, WI
 on the grounds of the historic Cook-Rutledge Mansion located at 505 W. Grand Ave. in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

July 9th I'll be at Anderson Farm in Red Wing with John Turula

August 20th ARTIGRAS in Rochester, MN

"Birches"- birch trees are a good fit for tiles

September 17th Handmade Tile Association
This year at The Midtown Market in Mpls

"After Matisse"- insprired by a gorgeous and huge Matisse painting.

October-first weekend, FRESH ART TOUR
I'll be at John Turula's site with Mark Neubel too.

November 13th

"Red Sunset"- Wisconsonian imagery 

"Dragonfly"- I keep trying dragonflies, I am an amateur Odonata hound, this is about my favorite so far.

"The Girls"- my grandaughters with dandelion crown and bouquets
"Backyard Silouhette"- winter brings owls, deer, turkey.......

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